The Hempel Group

The Hempel Group of companies was established in 1915 by Mr J C Hempel with the motto of "Quality and Service", which is still the hallmark of the Hempel Group. Over the years both content and meaning have been adjusted to meet changing market demands. Hempel operates within several strategic segments. These include marine paints, protective coatings, container coatings, decorative paints and yacht paints.

The first Hempel factory started production in 1915 in Denmark. The Group has since grown to become a world-wide enterprise comprising 2 main and 4 regional research and development facilities, 20 manufacturing plants, 47 sales offices and more than 130 stock points strategically located around world. In short, wherever you are, Hempel is always nearby, ensuring prompt delivery of freshly produced quality coatings supported by Hempel's world-renowned service.

The J C Hempel Foundation 

All of the operational companies within the Hempel Group are owned wholly or in part by the J C Hempel Foundation. Daily management is handled through HEMPEL A/S, headquartered in Denmark. Employees are represented on the Foundation board as well as on the board of the holding company. This independence gives the Group full freedom to pursue its commitment towards our customers and technology.

ISO certifications 
Today, quality refers also to quality assurance and certification. 39 Hempel companies are ISO 9001 certified, 15 of these also hold a ISO 14001 certificate and 5 Hempel companies have until now achieved the OHSAS 18001 certification. Other Hempel companies are in the process of obtaining certification.

"Service", too, has a new frame of reference in today's market. Hempel's service concept includes a superior product assortment, world-wide availability, tailor-made specifications, on-site technical service and customer training. In other words, Hempel is always ready to provide you with the "Quality and Service" required to protect your assets. 

Technical Service 

The cornerstone of Hempel's service is our Technical Service. More than 450 highly qualified Coating Advisers world-wide - approximately 40% of whom are NACE or FROSIO certified - are prepared to give advice during all phases of the coating project.


As modern coatings and paint technology become more and more advanced, training is a key element for Hempel staff and our customers alike. Hempel has made major investments in a modern training centre and comprehensive educational programmes.