University of Calgary - Qatar

The University of Calgary's Faculty of Nursing is renowned for its excellence in clinical practice and family health care. Our nursing students in Qatar are educated to the same Canadian standards and receive the same credentials as students at the Calgary campus.

UCQ is at the forefront of health promotion and disease prevention in Qatar. While educating the future nurses of Qatar, we will engage individuals, families and communities in activities designed to enhance family capacity to attain and improve health. Our nursing students and graduates will practice in the community, in primary health centres, in clinics and schools in addition to acute care hospitals. Our program exemplifies a vision of modern nursing that develops graduates who deliver evidence-based health care and are strong critical thinkers and change agents, whose focus is the entire family.

Mission & Vision

Mission: To excel in the education of nurses who are recognized for excellence in practice; to prepare nurse leaders who contribute to the development of emerging health care systems; and to offer research and educational initiatives that advance health and wellness, all in an exciting and energetic environment.

Vision: To cultivate nursing leadership in health and wellness through a culture of collaborative inquiry, learning and compassionate service.

Programs of Study 

The University of Calgary-Qatar offers a flexible, innovative, Bachelor of Nursing (BN) degree to prepare students for the opportunities and challenges of a rewarding nursing career.  Throughout the program, students are provided with a sound theoretical base and supervised clinical experience in a variety of nursing practice settings.

The University of Calgary offers two routes towards a Bachelor of Nursing (BN) degree:

  1. Regular Track program for high school and College of the North Atlantic - Qatar transfer students
  2. Post-Diploma program for students with an acceptable Nursing diploma

The length of each program is determined on if a student can enter directly into a Bachelor of Nursing program or if the student must first enter UCQ via the Open Studies Transition Program.