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Real Estate Companies in Qatar Due to the great urban wealth that Qatar gained in the last 5 years, Real Estate Business had a notable growth; Despite the increase of real estate costs, 100% of the HNWIs in Qatar are currently invested in this business field affirming that real estate would be a safe investment over the next 12 months. Residential Real Estate: Due to the flow of expatriates to Qatar in the last 6 years, residential enterprises like villages, suites, villas, fully, half, or unfurnished apartments had a great focus and became the most vivid projects. Commercial Real Estate: Qatar has varied types of commercial real estate such as the Commercial Villas, Commercial Flats, Commercial Towers, Stores and Mall Centers that's growing due to the fast business growth. Lands: Almost all lands are bought for construction projects because of the domination of desert that makes lands unsuitable for cultivation or for farmers. Industrial Real Estate: Industrial real estate like Cold Stores, General Stores, Factories, Workshops

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