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Agriculture in Qatar Before the discovery of oil, Qatar used to have predominant means of subsistence such as; Small-scale farming, nomadic herding, pearling, and fishing in the region. The government has tried to promote agriculture and fishing to provide a degree of independence in food though that the relative importance of these activities has refused as a means of income. Agriculture start growing between 1960 and 1970. The number of farms increased to 411. Qataris who own agricultural land or properties hire Iranians, Pakistanis, or non-Qatari Arabs to manage their farms to hold government jobs. In 1990, about 48 percent of land under agriculture was used for vegetables (23,000 tons produced), 33 percent for fruit and date production (8,000 tons), 11 percent for fodder (70,000 tons), and 8 percent for grains (3,000 tons). 128,000 head of sheep, 78,000 goats, 24,000 camels, 10,000 cattle, and 1,000 horses Qatar had in 1990. In addition of dairy farms and 2,000 chickens for poultry.
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