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Job Opening / Vacancy In Qatar

Economic and financial analyst




  • Gender: male
  • Nationality: Sudanese
  • Age: -
  • Education: phd-in economics
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Expected Salary: 45000-
Contact Person:
  • Yousef Hassan
  • P.O.Box 86059 Riyadh 11622
  • 966500485825


1. preparation and review of feasibility studies for investment projects.
2. Preparation of work plans and budget estimates for the company.
3. The preparation of investment analysis and finance.
4. Monitoring financial markets and the movement of stock, instruments, trends and assess investment and hedge the risks and the development of different investment strategies that maximize returns and reduce risks and guarantee the achievement of investment objectives in the medium and long term.
5. Do all the funding arrangements and negotiations and the preparation of specialized financial agreements and supervise their implementation.
6. To carry out the examination and investigation of the documents and financial instruments and share certificates, gold and bank guarantees, especially those imported from foreign institutions, including banks and financial institutions and others.
7. Provide all kinds of financial and investment advice to the Board of Directors.
8. Preparing presentations of mergers and acquisitions of companies.
9. Valuation of assets and business and provide financial and investment advice to individuals and companies