Apple MacBook pro Retina with full box

Apple MacBook pro Retina with full box

737 Views | Dec 05, 2018
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    very new looking apple macbook pro retina core i5 supper slim professional laptop with 13 hours of battery life in a full box  == bought price 1699 usd 6186 qr for charity selling 3300 qr ( fixed price)  == model: macbook pro  retina  processor pro generation core i5 ram fast x4 gigabytes graphics card intel 1500+ super speed ssd 128+256 gigabytes premium retina 13.30 inches display  luxury slim silver premium body english qwerty keyboard  hd web cristal camera usb max speed port thunderbolt output port  wifi + bluetooth hdmi port  heavyduty battery with 13 hours life  original charger installed official software and others optical professional mouse executive premium laptop bag == interested person can call or whatsapp me +97430132057.  
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    Dec 05, 2018
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    Very New looking Apple MacBook Pro Retina core i5 supper slim professional laptop with 13 hours of battery life in a full box 
    Bought price 1699 USD/ 6186 QR
    For Charity selling 3300 QR ( Fixed price) 
    MODEL: MacBook Pro  Retina 
    Processor Pro generation core i5
    Ram fast x4 gigabytes
    Graphics card Intel 1500+
    Super Speed SSD 128+256 gigabytes
    Premium Retina 13.30 inches display 
    Luxury slim silver premium body
    English Qwerty keyboard 
    Hd web Cristal camera
    Usb Max speed port
    Thunderbolt output port 
    Wifi +
    HDMI port 
    Heavy-duty battery with 13 hours life 
    Original charger
    Installed official software and others
    Optical professional mouse
    Executive premium laptop Bag
    Interested person can Call or WhatsApp me +97430132057.

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